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Monday, February 20

What Do You Care What Other People Think?

Do you say what you think people want to hear? Do you do things to please them?

Do you relish in saying that which they don't want to hear? In doing what they don't want you to do?

Or are you indifferent to what people think?

Should anyone care what people think?

Early on as a parent, I had the idea that if I wanted to do a good job of bringing up my kids, I ought to know something about the parenting of particularly "good" people. At the time, by good I meant having one or more of the following qualities: productiveness, creativity, inventiveness, courage, intelligence, honesty.

Although I didn't think of it explicitly at the time, I think I would have included "famous". I didn't mean that I necessarily wanted my children to be famous. I think I inadvertantly linked famous with being particularly good.

I did a bit of research on the childhoods of a few famous people. I learned some very interesting things although I only read about two people before abandoning the project. I'll try to say more about the limited results I came across sometime.

I still have a certain fascination for knowing about the childhoods of people and especially "good" people although my description of "good" would be a bit different these days.

One of my favorite readings of this type was What Do You Care What Other People Think? by Richard Feynman.

I picked it up because I recognized his name as a scientist and noticed that most of the books about or by him had humorous titles. His father apparently planned for him to be a scientist all along and went about making it happen in some very interesting ways.

As for the question... it was really the motivator for this post and reminded me about the book. In the book, it's part of the story with his first wife. She comes across as intelligent, creative, inventive, and as someone who had a wicked sense of humor...

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