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Thursday, February 2

YOU can become a legally ordained clergy member

You can become an ordained member of the Spiritual Humanist clergy for FREE right now! As a legally ordained clergy member you can legally perform religious ceremonies and rituals like weddings, funerals, benedictions, etc.

I normally have a strong aversion to this style of advertising, but the product struck me as funny.

On an almost entirely unrelated note, it reminded me of a commercial prepared by a group in my high school Economics class.

The class was divided into groups and assigned the task of coming up with an advertisment which we then recorded on video. We could make up our own products or services to advertise. The idea was to demonstrate some marketing techniques.

The group tied with ours for the best in class. Personally, I didn't think their skill was in their presentation so much as it was in creating their "service provider" - Fast Freddie's Funeral Home. It's been a long time since I watched it, but from what I remember, the commercial looked a bit like the outside of a drive-thru restaurant. The customer drove up and was able to view and pay his respects to his beloved deceased, all without leaving the comfort of his vehicle.

Our group picked a perfectly mundane sounding name and made a commercial in a slapstick style similar toWhere's the Beef? I was a bit skeptical when they started talking about a chicken suit and such a mundane sounding name for a restaurant, but I couldn't argue with the results. It turned out to be quite a laugh, and we had a lot of fun making it:

Scene 1:
Narrator: "At some restaurants the food isn't quite right."
(Customer holds up piece of rubber "chicken" and looks less than enthusiastic about eating it.)

Scene 2:
At some restaurants, the food takes just a little long. "Come here you!!" "Squawk" (Butcher running around chasing chicken - person in a costume - around with a large knife).

Scene 3:
I can't remember this part very well, but basically a happy customer is sitting down to a yummy looking cooked chicken dinner and the narrator talks about the great service.

It ends with a cut back to the cook from other restaurant:
"At Texas Fried Chicken, at least it ain't still kickin'." (Holding chicken and knife):
Chicken: "Squawk!"

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Anonymous said...

LOL! That was deliciously silly.