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Friday, March 10

A gene for altruism?

I don't like just posting a link without comment, but I'm finding it a bit tedious to add them to the sidebar where they tend to get out of date quickly...

Altruism certainly does occur amongst human beings, but it must be taught, and those who display it are only confirming that innate selfish human drives can be overriden with enough instruction.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. The article starts with a good criticism, but ends with a poor conclusion (the one you quote).

So there is no gene for altruism but there is one for selfishness? LOL! Riiight...

If nobody inately has altruism, how is it possible that some people know it so they can teach it to others, where does the knowledge comes from?

What decided what gives us pleasure and what doesn't? Can we really control what we feel about things? Can we make ourselves like food we don't like? Much more complex than that smart moral upright author makes it sound like, really. ;)