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Wednesday, March 15

True Lies

CIA front companies identified by the Tribune typically do not list any directors, officers or other employees - usually just a single CEO who, upon
further investigation, appears to have no spouse or family, no mortgage history, no previous addresses, no driver's license or auto registration. In short, no existence.

The company's telephone number, if one is listed, rings at the switchboard at CIA headquarters in northern Virginia, where operators pretend to be an answering service that takes messages for the company's owner, who is perpetually "out of the

It's been a long time since I've seen the movie, but I distinctly remember a scene where the wife tries to call her husband at work and the intelligence agency answers and pretends to be a typical office. It hadn't occurred to me that things were really done that way.
Not having any sort of background on spy work. I assumed that if there were "front companies", they'd actually be real businesses that were a bit less efficient than a normal company.

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