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Friday, April 14


Would it be irrational to have a mistaken view? For
that matter, what does irrational mean?

I'd think it would mean something like holding a
belief in spite of being presented with "better"
knowledge/arguments. By better, I mean the person
would themselves understand that the knowledge is
indeed better and actively choose not to accept it.
Even there, it might be "rational" to hold on to one's
previous belief and subject the new knowledge (and
one's old knowledge) to some examination before
adopting it since the new information may (will?) have
a lot of implications that one hasn't yet examined.

In the case where a person just refuses to accept a
"better" argument out of an un-examined fear it may be
the "best" response for that person, as the person may
not have the knowledge to fully benefit by taking on
that new information. Then again, maybe it's not
really "better" if the person isn't able to handle it

I think this is going around in circles.... *gets off
the merry-go-round*.

Irrational could mean refusing to accept a
better argument out of fear or for some reason other
than the merits of the argument.

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