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Wednesday, April 5

Questions about Development

What is it?

Positive change, Growth, improvement, the better use of resources, the acquisition of resources

I think it goes further than that. It includes sustained improvement and perhaps even structured improvement.

Economically, it would be about the improvement of production and general availability of goods and services. Socially, it might be about the improvement of relationships - people getting better at interacting well with each other. Political development might be something similar to social development. Is it structured social development? I suppose a society could have an unstructured system of interaction. Does that mean they don't have any political development?

Structure might be a misleading term to use here. When I think of politics, I think of a community coming together to make rules about how they will interact - something that includes enforcement. Social development might be improvement of relationships that are outside the scope of politics. For example, people might hold open a door for the next person or they might not. If there's no law regarding whether people have to do it or not, then it's a social issue. A more socially developed society might tend to hold the door open for the next person.

Then again, law and enforcement doesn't seem totally unrelated. Laws can be difficult to enforce if they are socially unacceptable to a large percentage of the population.

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