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Saturday, June 24

Argh! It's me birthday

I've been reading one of my presents - A General History of The Pyrates by Daniel Defoe. Originally, it was called A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates and also their Policies, Discipline and Government.

It's not a subject that has ever occurred to me to take an interest in (beyond a half-hearted attempt to celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day), but I've come to think of gifts as a fun way to explore random new things. I've never read Robinson Crusoe or anything else by Defoe. I had no idea he'd written any non-fiction.

Usually when I am going to explore a book, I like to read or at least skim the introduction if it was written by the author. I don't always like to read intros and front matter that is added on later. Sometimes they can be well done and interesting. Sometimes they're rather detailed and tedious. So far, I'm enjoying this introduction.

Apparently he often wrote for both sides of competing political parties or groups. Sometimes he did it covertly and sometimes, it seems, he did it quite openly. Either way, he got himself into a lot of trouble over it before he turned to fiction writing.

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