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Friday, July 7

Remembering King's Cross and Double Deckers

I don't know what to say really about things like this. I don't much care the media coverage of this sort of tragedies and "anniversaries" of tragedies, but I suppose "something" ought to be said and remembered.

I don't remember much about King's Cross except being a bit confused as there seemed to be a "train" and an underground station by the same name. We simply couldn't be in London at King's Cross and NOT at least look for platform 9 3/4, so we found 9 and 10 and then went back to our sight-seeing.

Another thing we couldn't do was go to London and NOT take at least one spin in a double decker bus. My daughter insisted we ride on the top - and so we did - right in front! Sure, I came out of it feeling a bit like a popsicle (frozen), but we had a great view of things from up there.

I loved how the drivers called me "love". I suppose it's similar to how some people around here call everyone "sweetie", but somehow it sounds nicer. I guess it seems more personal and genuine since I'm not used to hearing it. Seeing big chunks of bus in places where they shouldn't be isn't nice.

Thinking about that, though, reminds me of the great time I had visiting London and other cool parts of England. I miss it - the double decker busses, the loves, the rain, the lovely accents, and the people there. Someday when I actually get some vacation time, I'll have to go back.

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