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Sunday, August 27

Makeup. Tai Chi. Hair care. Media. Parenting. Shopping.

When I sat down to write, these are the thoughts that came to mind. I've been exploring things lately - especially traditionally "feminine" things but also just trying new things in general. I'm not a tomboy, exactly, but I've never been able to make myself stay interested in hair or makeup for more than a week or in wearing fancy (and generally uncomfortable) clothing.

Shopping. I've always hated shopping. Browsing is a different matter. I've always enjoyed browsing. I love seeing new gadgets and convenience items. Shopping requires one to make decisions - giving up some money for this item versus some other versus saving the money for another time. I generally don't enjoy it. Within 30 minutes, I'm done and have been known to get quite cranky about being pushed to shop any longer than that.

Recently though, I've caught myself shopping for longer and enjoying it. I had been to a lot of other shops, searching for some new work clothes. I tend to wear the least dressy clothes I think I can get away with, but I've just been "aquired" by a new comapny, and the new company seems to expect a higher standard of dress. I tried to go into this cheerfully but really struck out on my first few attempts. I disliked most of what I saw, and the few things I liked from the racks looked terrible on me.

I was getting pretty discouraged and wondering if I should start doing some online searches for something I could like. Just when I was about to give up, I finally found a store that had something close to what I wanted. I wanted solid colored, short-sleeved, button-down shirts - plain and simple. They had solid colored, button-down shirts with 3/4 length shirts. In August, every inch counts, but I decided if they were loose enough, I could make do with them. They also happened to be on sale - two for the price of one. I found a lot of other things I liked there too, and, even with the sale prices, I found myself wanting to buy much more than I really had money for. I can't remember that ever happening. I went with it and got a lot of things I liked. For a few minutes, I could relate to the old sit-coms where the woman comes home with armloads of stuff and talks about how much money she'd "saved" them.

Then I got home and looked and started looking at my receipts and the items and realized that several of them just weren't going to actually go with anything I had. Either I'd have to buy lots more stuff, or I'd have to return some of it. I ended up returning about half what I bought and still having enough of what I wanted. I'm glad it's done and don't have to think about shopping again for a while. Back to browsing.