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Wednesday, September 20

Tai Chi

OMG. I just read the previous post again. I'm starting to sound like one of those girls who can only talk about shopping, hair, and makeup! Ugh. Except I forgot to talk about hair, makeup, and Tai Chi.

I'm skipping to Tai Chi today to make up for that last fluff piece:

reprinted (with some edits) from an email, Wednesday, August 23, 2006
When I first decided to learn more about Tai Chi, I thought it would be
a good way to work on my concentration and fitness and maybe relieve a
bit of stress.

I thought of Tai Chi because of a book I read when I was a teen. It was
about a woman who is framed for murder by the mob. She gets sent to
prison and has a rough time there and is sent to solitary confinement
for a long while.

It was called "If Tomorrow Comes"

http://www.imdb. com/title/ tt0090455/ plotsummary

Tracy, the main character is stuck in isolation at
prison. She does some sort of exercises during her
month of darkness and isolation. Instead of stumbling
out of her month of isolation, she walks out serenely
and in good mental and physical shape. I think that's
where I first heard of Tai Chi.

I would go on about the movie/book - it was a learning
experience in itself, but I want to go on about Tai
Chi now.

I recently read an article about it that explained Tai
Chi Chuan meant "Supreme Ultimate Boxing". I've also
heard it called something like "Supreme Ultimate
Fist". It said that Tai Chi is actually a martial art
meant to train one for killing.

We've definitely learned some practical applications
for the movements within our lessons, but I can't
remember them well enough to make much use of them
yet. It has got me paying more attention to
balance - my center of balance, how I walk, etc.

My instructor has talked about how when he was
trained, students would practice standing in one
position for 20 minutes at a time. They were not
taught to move from one position to the next until
they could stand perfectly in each of the positions. I
find it difficult to stand still for even a minute!
Every little breeze could be an ant or a hair and
seems impossible to ignore. Hopefully I'll get better
at focusing with more training....

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