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Friday, September 22


Now that I've been learning Tai Chi for a few months, I felt brave enough to attempt a Wushu Kungfu class.

If I had to pick just one word to describe that experience it would be:


The first few minutes involved a bit of mild warming up and stretching. Then the drills began. They didn't LOOK that difficult. I mean, anyone can jump up in the air, kick out, and land again without even breaking a sweat. At least, I could when I was 16 and weighed about half what I do now (lucky for me I was a STICK back then or nearly doubling my weight wouldn't be a laughing matter). Nevermind doing variations of that for 30+ minutes.

By the time we stopped to stretch again, my legs felt like rubber. It was a weird experience to take a step and wonder if my legs were going to collapse under me or not. If I hadn't been so exhausted (and a bit self conscious about being the most out of shape person in the group), I would have found it funny. As for the stretching itself, it was nice to have one thing that I do fairly well. I can still "nearly" do the splits even though I haven't any done serious stretching in over 15 years.

Finally, we started working on forms. Of course, I was so exhausted by then that things that really ARE normally easy were difficult.

My class was Monday. Today is Friday, and I'm still sore. I can hardly wait for my next class Monday!

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