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Tuesday, October 24

500 Generic Prescriptions for $5 each

No, I this isn't spam. I'm just amazed by this latest announcement by HEB. HEB is a large chain of discount grocery stores here in Texas and Mexico.

The discount comes with using the Rx card. I haven't seen what the price for the Rx card is yet, if there is a fee. Even if there is some sort of monthly membership, $5/prescription is a good deal for people with multiple prescriptions - possibly even less than a typical copay. They would also be offering huge discounts (up to 50%) on other prescription drugs.

HEB isn't the only one offering low cost health products. Walmart just announced $4 prescriptions last week and I've seen articles about Walmart offering low cost health care.

1 comment:

Doug said...

WalMart did it first. HEB followed suit.

And yes, it's a big deal.