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Monday, October 23

Walking the Circle

It was a cool, crisp morning with a light breeze. There was a forest. A stream flowed nearby. Then I saw caves with fires for light and warmth. It was actually a fountain flowing into a swimming pool, some buildings, and a pavilian with propane lanterns. They were too high and too small to actually be warm. It was a bit disappointing, but still a beautiful day and a beautiful place.

We did some drills - striking, blocking, and even a bit of kicking. Finally, I worked on walking the circle. This is supposed to be the basis of Bagua, so I tried to approach it seriously. Still, how hard could walking in a circle really be? I tried bending my knees more. Then it was a bit more difficult. I held my arms toward the inside of the circle - one hand up and one to defend the elbow area. It was a bit more difficult. Every few rotations, I'd get dizzy and change directions. I wonder if I'll build tolerance to the dizziness. I wonder why it's supposed to be a circle.

Somehow I had envisioned the circle being larger when I first heard of this practice. I imagined monks walking slowly and carefully over painted lines. I don't know why I thought of paint. I also thought of something like those labyrinths that are so popular these days.

After a while of circle walking, my legs were getting tired. A while longer and my arms and shoulder started to ache. They were still sore the next day, and my ankles are still sore two days later. I guess it was more of a workout than it seemed.

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