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Sunday, December 31

Amazing progress in HIV prevention, Killing

I love technology. Sometimes the usefulness of particular things is questionable, but I figure they're just part of getting to the really good things. It's so great, when frequently surrounded by people who think the world is going to hell, to see something like this! Yay! Woohoo!!

Can you imagine? Wiping out a disease like AIDS?! Well, this may not quite do that, but it definitely has the potential. There are a lot of other great things being created all the time. I only heard about this one because I noticed a funny button on my Firefox - "Latest Headlines" it said. Curious, I clicked on it, and it seemed to be a bookmark type list of headlines - including the one about AIDS. I think I've noticed the button before and then forgot about it until today. Handy thing it is. I'll have to remember it better. Of course, the majority of the headlines were bad news - bombings, killings, the body of Saddam Hussein being laid to rest.

I watched a clip of the video of him being led to the execution room. I've sometimes thought that if I had the opportunity to kill a murderer - to prevent him from causing more deaths, that I would do it. Watching him, though, I'm not so sure anymore. He just looked like a regular man - a bit sad. I realized that I don't think I'd be able to kill someone unless they were an immediate threat. Even then, I'm not so sure.

When I was in high school, I was supposed to collect and kill insects for science class. I found a little greeen bug and put it in a jar and dropped the alcohol soaked cotton ball in with it and closed the lid. It struggled to get out. I watched it thinking that if it was going to die by my hand, I should at least have the courage to watch. I couldn't do it. I let the bug go. I think it died anyway, but it did not become part of my collection. My mother had to kill the rest of them for me. I didn't like that she did it. I wondered if it would have been better to fail. Back to Saddam...

I was afraid for a moment that they would show the actual hanging. I was going to turn it off before that. It seemed disrespectful somehow. Then the correspondent said that the network had chosen not to air images of the body or the death.

I wondered if I had it right the first time. Maybe it's more respectful to actually witness what is going on with seriousness and even empathy. Some people might say that some individuals don't deserve to be treated with dignity. I'm not sure what to think of that. It's hard to say what other people "deserve". I don't usually have the desire to treat people any other way - unless I feel immediately threatened. Then it's more a matter of self-protection than consideration for dignity or an attack on dignity.

I've wondered what Saddam might have been like as a child. I was thinking that no infant, as far as I know, was ever "evil" or destructive of others. Neither are children up to age 5 or so generally. Sometimes when I think people might be born "bad", I think about that. Even the children that indeed do terrible things aren't necessarily considered "evil". It seems more like someone failed to care for them and guide them. It's hard for me to understand how it happens that so many adults and even teenagers turn out to be more violent. Maybe they're just big enough to get away with it easier?

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