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Sunday, December 31

Me? A dragon? Eragon and Superman - spoilers

I noticed the book, Eragon, a year or more ago and kept thinking it looked like something my daughter and I would like. I finally bought it for her, but it's been sitting around for months unread.

I didn't know the movie was coming out until I saw previews for it recently. I hate reading a book before seeing the movie because I then tend to find the movie shallow and disappointing compared to the depth usually found in a book. I thought it would be nice to spare us that (and encourage her to pick up the book), so I took my daughter to see Eragon last weekend. I knew we'd love it, and I wasn't disappointed!

Briefly, the boy, Eragon, finds a "stone". It "hatches" unexpectedly and he soon realizes it's a dragon! I love the scene where Eragon climbs on the dragon and then gets to look over a cliff just before the dragon takes off! I hope there's a sequel because it ended with some very interesting unfinished business.

I think the movie likely inspired a fun flying dream I had the night before last. At first, I was like a fly on the wall observing a "family" of dragons or flying dinosaurs. The father dragon/dino was large and black and seemed a bit scary. It seemed like he might kill his young if he didn't approve of them. The parents were taking the offspring out for flying practice. They were intelligent creatures who could talk, walk upright, and the wings looked a bit like bat wings so that when the dragons lifted their arms/front legs, the wings spread from front to bottom legs. Suddenly, I was one of the offspring - the oldest - and was flying over the water slightly behind "father". It was fantastic! I dream of flying fairly often. Sometimes I have fun dreams of being telekinetic. I love those sorts of dreams, but I don't think I've ever dreamed of being a dragon before. What a blast!

Speaking of flying, I saw Superman Returns yesterday. I wasn't thrilled with Lois. The actress seemed perfectly nice, but she was and young... and soft! She just didn't have the obnoxious, in-your-face New York toughness that the original Lois had. They both seemed much younger than the actors were in the original movies. Superman/Clark seemed different too. I think the differences with him were more believable and an improvement. Besides, he's gorgeous! Christopher Reeves was handsome, but the new guy is downright beautiful. His acting had some nice subtleness to it. I suppose that could be the case with the new Lois, but with her it was just a bit too much of a personality shift. It's still an excellent movie and she seems a good actress, it just doesn't quite fit with the old movies.

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