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Tuesday, January 2

2007 Resolutions

I got a bit carried away with relaxing and having fun New Year's Eve, so I'm a bit late about working out my resolutions. For now, I'm just going to post a quick list. Later, I'll refine them and make more specific goals out of them.


1. Have better relationships with family and friends.

2. Improve my health.
- Develop a habit of eating more fruits and veggies (with a goal of 5 per day).
- Continue exercising.
- Drop a clothing size (approx. 30 pounds.)
- Get HDL level up to 40 through supplements, diet, exercise.

3. Improve the aesthetics in my home. (fancy way of saying clean it up and decorate)

4. Improve my work ethic.

"Extra Credit"
-Study my electronics book and be able to explain the concepts in it and demonstrate them with hands on projects.
-Build a working robot.
-Write daily.
-Improve my skill in drawing - practice with the drawing without a model book and with portraits and occasional models.
-Improve Guitar skills.
- Learn the different types of scales.
- Learn 12 new guitar chords.
- Learn 12 songs.
- Be able to know what note(s) is being played instantly - and recognize any chords I've learned.
-Write one song with a simple background.

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