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Tuesday, January 2

Last Year's Resolutions in Review

Research Secular Humanism and meet some humanists. - done
Research Unitarian Universalists and meet some. - done
Develop a habit of exercising 3 times per week with family and friends. - partly done - exercise yes - not always with family/friends

Develop a habit of eating more fruits and veggies (with a goal of 5 per day). - needs work
Research the Ten Commandments and be able to describe and explain them. - done
Study my electronics book and be able to explain the concepts in it and demonstrate them with hands on projects.
Build a working robot.
Write daily.
Improve my skill in drawing - practice with the drawing without a model book and with portraits and occasional models.
Learn 10 guitar chords. Learn 2 songs.
- partly done
Learn 10 piano chords. Learn 2 songs.
Practice singing daily for at least 5 minutes. Write one song with a simple guitar chord background (perhaps a holiday piece).
Clear clutter out of the house.
Assign spots for all items in the house.
Refinance the house.
Give more attention and time to family and close friends.

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