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Saturday, March 31

Dear Easter Bunny

I ran across an old note I wrote when I was 7 or so...

Dear Easter bunny
Thank you Easter bunny.
I like you. I Thank you for your eggs.
I like them. And I like you.
from your friend Rebecca.

I know I'm biased, but... isn't that cuuuute?

Friday, March 30

Go ME!! 108 Forms achieved

I did it! I did it! I forgot to post about it Sunday, but I have finally, after 8 months (with quite a few missed weeks due to instructor or I being sick or out of town), I have finally been trained on all 108 Forms of the Wu Style Tai Chi that I started on in July last year. This is the longest I've ever stuck to any kind of regular exercise, so I'm very pleased with myself about it.

I usually only attend once a week although I attended twice weekly for the first few months. I must say, it has really contributed to my having much more energy. I've enjoyed it so much that I tried out a few other martial arts including Yin Style Bagua and Northern Shaolin type Kung Fu/Wushu. It's a struggle to do much of the Wushu with only attending once a week or so, but every time I go, I can tell I've made some improvement. I may not be the "best" student, but I certainly have made huge progress since the days when I wondered if I'd even survive through the hour and sore for the next week.. Now I only feel dizzy at times (usually just when doing cartwheels) and tired in the evening after. I had a class last night and went to bed early, but now I'm feeling energized - and a tiny weensy bit sore.

On Being Shallow

Or maybe it's selfish. I guess shallow would be having no depth to one's understanding while one could be selfish and still care about things or have a deeper understanding of things.

Anyhow, I don't know that I'm particularly more "selfish" than average. It just has always seemed to me that if one really believed in equality and "unselfishness", then one wouldn't have much of anything and would live like a beggar, so anyone short of a beggar, at this point, would have to have some level of selfishness. Most people don't seem to have any problem with being selfish in those terms.

I don't think it makes sense to be angry at people for making millions or billions. If someone had 10 billion dollars and gave them all away, that'd be what, less than $1.50 for each person on earth - not likely to improve life for much of anyone. Then again, if the $10 billion went to say, 1 million of the world's poorest, that might make a big difference to a big number of people....


It doesn't seem so bad now but still, the idea of say, giving half of everything I have to someone so we could be "equal" doesn't sound nice for me. OTOH, I guess it'd be nice if someone wealthier gave half the difference between our wealths to me.

Should equality apply to material wealth? Should people who work "harder" have more wealth? Should the two be linked at all?

People seem to work less hard when they don't think they'll get rewarded for it. I've always thought of that as a good argument against socialism and "sharing the wealth", but I wonder if it's nicer to live in a society that's actually less well off overall materially but more "equal" in terms of material wealth. I don't know about that. It seems like even societies that attempt to do that have some really difficult problems to face as well. For example, in the UK, some people receive fertility treatment paid for via government programs and yet glasses - something I'd consider a necessity - are NOT covered.

Monday, March 19

More paths

I have too much on my mind to sleep, so here I am to ramble some more.

Thinking more about paths, I suppose people aren't actually on the same path. They might be walking along side each other and that may actually work better for avoiding collisions than lots of people on paths going different directions that do crisscross - unless collisions are actually a good thing. I don't know why that would be - except that they might be interesting if one were particularly bored.

Boredom, I hate it. I think sometimes I stir up problems just to keep from being bored. I often find people boring if I have to talk to them more than briefly. Otoh, I often find it interesting to briefly talk to someone new... ok, to bed for real this time.

Ramblings on Destiny, Sacrifice, and Ethics

I have often thought of other people as being on a path that I didn't have the right to alter. I might offer the idea of an alternative path if the person seemed so inclined but to be pushy or persuasive about it would be attempting to make my path theirs. It seemed disrespectful and just plain wrong. After all, I don't really know for sure what path is the best possible for them or for mankind or the universe. Even wars, in all their misery, have resulted in good "ends". Whether the ends would have been better achieved some other way - well, that's hard to say.

Some of the freed slaves of the South might not have better lives and sometimes even worse lives in terms of necessities like food, shelter, and clothing. Still, the generations that followed may have had better lives, and the generations after that, even better. At least some of them. Does the betterment of the later generations justify the sacrifices of their elders? Does the improvement in life for one person justify the impoverishment or just "less nice" life of another? If it's a small impoverishment for a big improvement? Or is equality really what it's all about? Equality bugs me. But maybe that's just because I'm from a country that's wealthy and would probably be much worse off if everything were equal. Not that I'm particularly wealthy. Does improving life for everyone actually matter at all in the scheme of the universe? I suppose it matters to me and to a lot of people. I guess that's what matters.

Back to the idea of paths in life. Maybe it's better to cross as many as possible and get everyone going all over the place :) Oh, but then they might bump into each other lots and get hurt. I'll have to think about this more some other time when I'm not quite so *yawn* sleepy. Good night.