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Friday, March 30


It doesn't seem so bad now but still, the idea of say, giving half of everything I have to someone so we could be "equal" doesn't sound nice for me. OTOH, I guess it'd be nice if someone wealthier gave half the difference between our wealths to me.

Should equality apply to material wealth? Should people who work "harder" have more wealth? Should the two be linked at all?

People seem to work less hard when they don't think they'll get rewarded for it. I've always thought of that as a good argument against socialism and "sharing the wealth", but I wonder if it's nicer to live in a society that's actually less well off overall materially but more "equal" in terms of material wealth. I don't know about that. It seems like even societies that attempt to do that have some really difficult problems to face as well. For example, in the UK, some people receive fertility treatment paid for via government programs and yet glasses - something I'd consider a necessity - are NOT covered.

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