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Friday, March 30

Go ME!! 108 Forms achieved

I did it! I did it! I forgot to post about it Sunday, but I have finally, after 8 months (with quite a few missed weeks due to instructor or I being sick or out of town), I have finally been trained on all 108 Forms of the Wu Style Tai Chi that I started on in July last year. This is the longest I've ever stuck to any kind of regular exercise, so I'm very pleased with myself about it.

I usually only attend once a week although I attended twice weekly for the first few months. I must say, it has really contributed to my having much more energy. I've enjoyed it so much that I tried out a few other martial arts including Yin Style Bagua and Northern Shaolin type Kung Fu/Wushu. It's a struggle to do much of the Wushu with only attending once a week or so, but every time I go, I can tell I've made some improvement. I may not be the "best" student, but I certainly have made huge progress since the days when I wondered if I'd even survive through the hour and sore for the next week.. Now I only feel dizzy at times (usually just when doing cartwheels) and tired in the evening after. I had a class last night and went to bed early, but now I'm feeling energized - and a tiny weensy bit sore.

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