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Friday, March 30

On Being Shallow

Or maybe it's selfish. I guess shallow would be having no depth to one's understanding while one could be selfish and still care about things or have a deeper understanding of things.

Anyhow, I don't know that I'm particularly more "selfish" than average. It just has always seemed to me that if one really believed in equality and "unselfishness", then one wouldn't have much of anything and would live like a beggar, so anyone short of a beggar, at this point, would have to have some level of selfishness. Most people don't seem to have any problem with being selfish in those terms.

I don't think it makes sense to be angry at people for making millions or billions. If someone had 10 billion dollars and gave them all away, that'd be what, less than $1.50 for each person on earth - not likely to improve life for much of anyone. Then again, if the $10 billion went to say, 1 million of the world's poorest, that might make a big difference to a big number of people....

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Leo said...

I would think beggars would be considered selfish because they are not contributing to the world in any significant way.