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Monday, March 19

Ramblings on Destiny, Sacrifice, and Ethics

I have often thought of other people as being on a path that I didn't have the right to alter. I might offer the idea of an alternative path if the person seemed so inclined but to be pushy or persuasive about it would be attempting to make my path theirs. It seemed disrespectful and just plain wrong. After all, I don't really know for sure what path is the best possible for them or for mankind or the universe. Even wars, in all their misery, have resulted in good "ends". Whether the ends would have been better achieved some other way - well, that's hard to say.

Some of the freed slaves of the South might not have better lives and sometimes even worse lives in terms of necessities like food, shelter, and clothing. Still, the generations that followed may have had better lives, and the generations after that, even better. At least some of them. Does the betterment of the later generations justify the sacrifices of their elders? Does the improvement in life for one person justify the impoverishment or just "less nice" life of another? If it's a small impoverishment for a big improvement? Or is equality really what it's all about? Equality bugs me. But maybe that's just because I'm from a country that's wealthy and would probably be much worse off if everything were equal. Not that I'm particularly wealthy. Does improving life for everyone actually matter at all in the scheme of the universe? I suppose it matters to me and to a lot of people. I guess that's what matters.

Back to the idea of paths in life. Maybe it's better to cross as many as possible and get everyone going all over the place :) Oh, but then they might bump into each other lots and get hurt. I'll have to think about this more some other time when I'm not quite so *yawn* sleepy. Good night.

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