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Thursday, June 14

The LJ blog feed

was set up by a friend, so please note that I don't get notice of comments posted on the LJ site.

I only see comments posted on the blog unless I happen to remember to log in to LJ and check the feed. Since I get so few comments, I never think to look for them.

Selfishly Pleasing Others

"...often when we believe we are thinking of others and putting their needs
first, we are really just trying to please - which means we
are really thinking about ourselves. "


I admit it, I'm a people pleaser. Even when I was a rabid Objectivist and thought selfishness was a virtue and that people pleasing was not particularly good, I still enjoyed it. It seems I can't win.

I have to wonder at the alternative.
Does this mean that one should only do things one hates for the good of others, to be sure of truly being selfless?

Or is it "good enough" to avoid noticing whether one enjoys it or not? Or is the idea to be aware of what one enjoys (pleasing people, say) or not but not let it affect what one does?

I can't help thinking there's something missing in this.