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Wednesday, August 8

If I were a camera...

I am a Disposable Camera. I need constant change and tend to avoid commitment. I like things no-frills and easy, and I don't want to mess with untidy and complicated details. If things get too stagnant, I look for stimulation in new areas. In a relationship, I am fun to date but unreliable.
How about you? Take the personality quiz and find out What Type of Camera Are You?

I must be getting flakey in my old age. I usually hate these little quizzes but suddenly I'm starting to find them appealing. I was looking for tips on video camera use for the access show I help out with at my church (a fairly unique, long-running public forum type thing). I got distracted from my search by the sudden urge to know what type of camera I am.

I think the test is a bit off. I really don't like disposable cameras. I prefer digital, so I can take all the pictures I want without having to print them all. The drawback is I don't have much patience for organizing all those photos into anything others might want to see...

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