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Tuesday, August 21

Rebooting Humanism

Basically, this little post is a sort of an elaborate bookmark for myself.

One thing that bothers me about the principles behind secular humanism is the anti-religion orientation. While I'm not a big fan of religion, I do happen to have friends who are religious and don't consider their belief in the supernatural nearly as important as some of their other qualities.

While I'd like to see religion go away, I think a lot is yet to be done in the area of ethics and, *gulp*, spirituality before giving up religion will be appealing to most people. I was pleased to see this article on the atheism.about.com website, discussing a proposal for a new, improved humanism.

In short, a re-booted humanism would recognize ethics and naturalism as its core. It would then be best defined as a sociopolitical philosophy, both democratic and non-hierarchal, which is informed by scientific naturalism, and promotes individual freedom, economic and social equality, human cooperation and planetary peace.

I traced it back to the original author's site, just in case he's written anything else interesting.

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