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Wednesday, August 15

The Revised Ten Commandments - Part 1

If you had to pick the 10 most important moral laws for all of humankind to follow, what would they be?
I think it would be an interesting project to come up with my own list. I don't think I'm particularly qualified for this project, but I figure it never hurts to spend some extra effort thinking about ethics.  Now, onto my first candidates - mostly inspired by the Bible's commandments.
Killing would be up there. I mean, a law about NOT killing others would be up there. Or maybe
"Thou shalt not kill humans or other sentient beings except in self-defense." Hmm. I think this would make abortions unlawful. I'm not sure where I stand on that. Definitely, I think a lack of killing of most humans would be up there as very important.
What else could be in the top 10?
"Thou shalt give me, the creator of these laws, half of all your wealth."
I don't think that one would go over very well and I guess wouldn't necessarily be helpful for the rest of the population besides myself. I guess I wouldn't want folks to do that if it meant they didn't do some other important things.
"Thou shalt not take slaves nor act in any way to take advantage of slave labor." I wonder why that isn't in the original - at least the first part of it. The Jewish people were even escaping slavery and yet Moses(or God if that's your belief) didn't put that in the top 10. Why not? I mean, isn't the freedom of people important? Apparently it wasn't then.
Ok, what else.
Lying. Well, I can think of good reasons to lie, but then I think the original commandment was something about not bearing false witness. That certainly seems good, but I'm not sure whether I won't think of others that are more important. I'll keep it in mind.
Envy. Coveting your neighbor's wife or husband or stuff. I don't really see how that's so terrible although I'd think there was something wrong with a person who felt they HAD to have those things to be happy. It'd be more productive to appreciate the good things another has and try to learn how to get good things for oneself. I'll have to put more thought into that one.
Thou shalt worship no other gods before me. I'd just throw that one out entirely, but I can't help thinking there's some way of thinking about it that might be useful. Like, one might do better to have some basic ideas/principles that are most important and maybe ONE that is most important. *note to self to continue pondering that one*
Honor thy parents. I'd question this one. Parents aren't always particularly nice people. You could have empathy or even sympathy for the hardships they may have had which contributed to their not being "nice" people, but I don't know if I'd call that honoring them. Also, I'm of the opinion that since parents have all the choices in deciding to have children, they have responsibility that goes with it. A child should be honored by being taken care of well. If all children were honored in this way, I think we'd progress a lot more as a species. OTOH, children can't learn to honor parents if parents don't teach them such things. Therefore, if I were to proclaim something like "Honor thy parents" it would be in the form of "Parents, treat your children such that they will honor you."
to be continued...

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