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Thursday, September 13

Moral Principles are Tedious

At least, I'm finding it tedious to go through and think about them all, one by one, and am a bit frustrated that it could take a lifetime (or more) to come up with something by that method.

I think, instead, I'm just going to name 10 things and then, as I get time, examine other ideas and decide whether it's important enough to move up into the top 10. Maybe I'll keep a list of the others, just for reference.

So, quick, off the top of my head, without expecting they'll stand for long:

1. Seek the truth.
2. Be honest with oneself.
3. Act to make the best life possible for oneself.
4. Encourage others to seek truth.
5. Be honest with others.
6. Avoid harming others.
7. Seek to establish mutually beneficial relationships with others.
8. Encourage and help others to make the best life possible for themselves.
9. Work six days a week, but keep the seventh day as a day of rest and recharging.
10. Make the universe better in a meaningful way.

I was getting a little desperate towards the end there - hence the repetition of some, the weird thing about work and rest (Useful, certainly, but moral??), and the vagueness of the last one.
I'll get to describing and dissecting them later.

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