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Tuesday, September 11

My first Robot

I decided to browse the robotic kits and components available at my local Fry's store.

Since my mechanical experience is fairly limited (can you say mechanically DISinclined), I was pleased to see that there were simple kits for a mere $10 - screw-driver included! The screw-driver is important because I wouldn't be able to lay hands on one of my own very easily, but I didn't particularly want to have to buy another one because I can't find mine. This resolved the dilemma for me.

Anyway, here's some info about the kit:
Obstacle-Evading Mechanical Beetle Kit

I'll try to post a picture after I've got it built (no promises on when).

While looking around for a good description to share, I found a useful-looking article on how to make my own beetle robot from components. Maybe a good second project:
How to Build A Simple Robot Beetle

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