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Wednesday, September 5

No more dating

My brain hurts, so I'm going to move onto a different topic for a bit.

As I've mentioned before, I've been "dating" a little since the divorce and have found it to be a bit confusing and scary in some ways. Mostly, I've been afraid I'd hurt someone or disappoint them by losing interest in them. I guess that sounds arrogant or something, but really, it's just a sort of pickiness. I'm picky about food too. There are very few foods that I like, but I like them LOTS.

After dating a few people, I have finally bumped into a situation where I wasn't the one who lost interest first. Not that anything of that sort was said, just the impression I get when I don't hear from someone in a long while.

It was mildly disappointing, but, honestly, I'm not sure I would stay interested either. It didn't seem like we were entirely compatible, but it was still an interesting and enjoyable experience. I learned a lot from it.

Anyhow, I've decided to take advantage of this lull in people to focus on some other things for a while. Not that I'd turn down someone interesting if they fell into my lap... so to speak. I'm just not looking.

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