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Thursday, October 25

Jena Update

When I first wrote about the incidents in Jena, I suspected that it was an incident where people were turning a criminal incident into a black vs. white story. I ended thinking that perhaps there really was something in the allegations about racism.

After getting into an online discussion about this a week or two ago, I looked for more information about the incident.

While searching, I was surprised to find that snopes had a write up. It fills in some details that were left out of the NPR version of the story. For example, it mentions that eye witnesses saw the incident with the gun and that rather than it being a matter of an argument where the white man pulled out the gun to threaten the black man, the white man was pulling out the gun to protect himself from attackers.

Of course, we don't have all the details about this, but it's really starting to sound like my first opinion was right - that it was a criminal incident being turned into a white vs. black thing.

If so, I think it's a shame. I think there are some real problems and this incident is distracting people from really working on them together.

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