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Monday, January 21

A Tiny Star

I have never watched American Idol, but I've been hearing bits about it on the radio lately and decided to take a peek on YouTube and see if I could find some clips. While browsing around, I happened upon a YouTube video of this little girl singing.

I really wasn't expecting much, but I was curious, so I gave it a listen and was impressed. It's not just that her voice is beautiful. I think there's something else... something Simon (from American Idol) comments on. It's the silence that surrounds her singing that really brings something special to the song. The first one video I watched was of her singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and making it on to the finals. It's a great one to watch. She sings it beautifully in the final as well.

The other recording I recommend listening to is "I Will Always Love You". Her singing so impressed folks that she was given a record deal, so this song is more polished. It seems like a song well suited to her... with plenty of silence. Listen and I think you'll hear what I mean.

I don't recall ever hearing anything quite so beautiful.

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