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Wednesday, May 7

Dilemma revisited

I've been browsing through some of my old posts and wincing at some of my old ideas. It's really quite embarrassing to have them available like this. It makes me feel, well, naked. Exposed. (And not with a slender, attractive figure that I'd want to show off).

After reading a few more posts, I'm even more disgusted with some of my writing.

Then again, what kind of writer would I be if I only left up my 'good' stuff?
A good one? A wimpy one?

I say that because one source of ignorance in our society is the stigma that goes along with making a mistake sometimes. It seems like one way to counter that is to be up front about one's mistakes, past mistakes especially - to let people see that change is standard. Imagine a society where you could expect that if you meet a person a year later, they will have become, oh, say, 200% less ignorant.

If my knowledge is "better" now, then I can be an inspiration or a guide to folks who have made my same mistakes. If my knowledge now turns out to be "worse" than before, well, at least I haven't deleted that old knowledge. It could turn out to be useful to someone. The other benefit of leaving old stuff up is that smarter folks than me might take time to criticize my ideas and tell me better ones.

It's just so yucky to read some of it.

I don't think the content bothers me so much as my presentation and ways of communicating bother me. That said, most of it is written stream-of-consciousness style, so, of course, it isn't really ideal for communication.

Perhaps I can find a way to rewrite them which explains my old ideas and how and why they've changed. This would meet all of my goals - sharing mistakes while not inflicting bad writing and bad ideas on myself and others.

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