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My ideas are constantly changing as I learn. Sometimes they even change midway through writing a post.

Tuesday, May 6


I've been browsing through some of my old posts and wincing at some of my old ideas. It's really quite embarrassing to have them available like this. It makes me feel, well, naked. Exposed. (And not with a slender, attractive figure that I'd want to show off).

Then again, what kind of writer would I be if I only left up my 'good' stuff? It probably won't seem good either in a few years. It also might help someone who has similar ideas relate to me and maybe eventually to my newer ways of thinking. Or maybe it will put off people who would like and respond to my more current views. Decisions, decisions. Not my strong point.

Perhaps a more interesting approach would be to denote which posts are no longer in line with my current world view. I am a little shy about that - having people really know my beliefs.

Still, I'm not satisfied with my one disclaimer about my views likely being different (now) than when I wrote any particular post.

It's not uncommon for my opinion to change before I can even actually "post" the post. I still post it, though, to keep myself from censoring everything and having a blank blog.

Ok, so, I'm going to go back to the beginning and start marking posts that I no longer agree with. I suppose I'll put a date, too. It could be fun to see if I get to "unmark" some further on.

I will try, I think, to even mark the ones I post as "I don't know if I agree with this". There may be so many marked that it might be easier to mark only the ones that I feel reflect my true, considered, current opinion. Hmm.

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