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Monday, May 12

Free Speech or Separation of Church and State?

This article addresses some questions I've been pondering lately. It doesn't answer them, but it reminded me of them, so I thought I'd share them and my answers. The answers are subject to rapid change as I am exploring these issues further.

Is the speech of religious leaders, when it concerns politics, free protected speech or is it a case of government favoring religion (because of the tax exempt status given to churches)?
If the government isn't granting tax exempt status to only one religion, then it probably isn't a matter of establishing a particular religion, but it might be a matter of establishing religion generally (which isn't illegal, as far as I know).

Is tax exempt status a matter of government favoring a religion or establishing a religion?

While it could be used this way, it doesn't have to be. Many religions have churches or branches with tax exempt status here.

Is it bad for the government to favor religion or establish a religion?


Is it bad for the government to favor the general growth of religion generally (vs. discouraging religion generally or remaining neutral)?


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