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Monday, May 19

I think I'm in love.

You might know who he is.

He's famous. Internationally known. He's an inventor /playboy / hero all in one. A man who's good with his hands, his brain, and his heart, all in one.

I don't necessarily approve of everything he does. But then, he doesn't have time to dally around and weigh all his choices. I think he does pretty well given the problems he's faced and the stakes involved - and the mistakes he made.

Maybe I should describe him a bit more. Dark hair, dark eyes, mustache. I normally don't like facial hair that much, but I don't mind it on him.

Did I mention he's a weapons developer? Not something I thought I'd find attractive about anyone but as I think about it, I have an idea as to why I find this aspect of him appealing.

I love science - understanding how things work. It's like a beautiful puzzle where you figure out one little piece only to open up a world of other puzzles. And yet, they all seem to come together again over time.

Cause and effect. I know that reality is more complex than that, but it's still amazing to me - to understand a long chain of causes and effects. Technology, to me, is playing with this knowledge. Making your own little something beautiful.

A gun is a work of art. The primer, the powder, the bullet, the cartridge. The pin that hits the primer, that fires and ignites the powder within the cartridge which builds up so much pressure that the bullet flies out of the gun barrel at amazing speeds.

Some of my happiest childhood memories are of sitting near my father, watching him clean his guns or helping him reload cartridges. Sometimes, I'd pick up his Handgun Digest or a gun manual and try to understand how they worked. It amazed me how complex they were. They didn't look like much. I fondly remember the smell of the cleaning fluid. Folks that have ever smelled that stuff know what I'm talking about. It's pretty distinct.

I don't think of modern weapons as people-killing-machines first. To me, first, they are incredible masterpieces of ingenuity, of scientific knowledge, of power and control over our environment - and submission to it as well.

Back to sighing over my new love interest. I've never met him and never will.

After all, he's fictional character, Tony Stark.

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