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Wednesday, May 7

What I've left out about War (and Peace)

One thing I am struck by as I read my older posts and articles is by how much is left out of even my most verbose writing.

For example, I wrote about my difficulty with understanding the pacifist position.

The post had started off with some figures on the number of deaths in Iraq caused by Saddam. I was astonished by them.

What I did NOT say was part of my astonishment was because the number was roughly 100 times the numbers of deaths that I was seeing reported daily on anti-Iraq-war sites. The number of deaths of American soldiers, that is. I hadn't seen a figure for the number of Iraqi people killed either before or after the war. Again, I don't think it's a matter of crunching numbers, but the numbers WERE pretty surprising.

Here are a few more things I didn't mention in that article that seem important to have communicated:
How sympathetic I really am, emotionally, to pacifism.
I think it's possible that one day pacifism could possibly win out and end all wars.
I suspect if it worked, it would be as a result of all those who would initiate war are killed off - or helped to find a better way.
It's the latter part I don't think we're prepared to accomplish... yet.

I would like to see war end altogether. I think many or most people would agree with that, but maybe it doesn't get said enough by... non-pacifists.

More important to me than seeing war end is seeing people free from oppression. It would be a good life, to me, if no one was ever killed, but we all lived in prison-like conditions.

When I expressed finding it hard to understand pacifism, I was thinking more about the idea of standing by, refusing to take an action which might protect innocent people or stop further oppression (and killing).

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