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Monday, June 30

Question of the day: Do you like my hat?

I had hoped to think of something more profound, but the question seemed to type itself out before I could think of something else.

I'm curious to know how many people recognize where the question comes from.

The question is part of my psyche after countless hours of reading "Go, Dog, Go!" to my daughter. I picked up the book because it was on a recommended reading list for beginning readers, and I was in the process of teaching her to read.

At first, I was a bit put off by the endless repetition and utter silliness. This review by Amazon changed my mind.

As a kid, I used to find the usual greetings quite meaningless. People seemed to ask "How are you?" and folks always answered, "Fine."

I never heard anyone say anything else. No one ever said, "Rotten. Terrible. Awful." It just seemed a routine. No one really seemed to actually care about the answer.

On the surface, "Do you like my hat?" seems quite similar in its meaninglessness.

Except, in the book, the answer is always negative "No. I do not like that hat."

It reminded me of how I always wanted to answer, "I feel terrible. How about you?"

Finally, at the end, the hat question gets a different answer. I found the end amazingly satisfying. It's not, "Fine," or "Yes," it's "Yes. I like that party hat." After all the no's and negatives, it was meaningful to hear a positive response.

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