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Thursday, September 4

Back to School

I recently attended Back-to-School Night at my child's High School as I'm sure many parents around the country are doing these days.

Since each kid has multiple classes and teachers, the schools have determined the most efficient way to meet all your child's teachers is to have the parents "attend" each class in the same order that your child would - complete with bells at the beginning and end of each mini-class period. This was quite an interesting experience the first time. I don't remember whether my high school had such a thing. If they did, my parents never attended, to my knowledge.

It took roughly 2 hours to go through all 7 classes. In each class, the teacher has a sign in sheet where you put your name, your student's name, your phone and your email address so they teacher can contact you if needed. The teacher then goes over a brief summary of what they're going to be teaching, how things are graded, and some tips on how to help your child be successful in the class. It's a bit tiring going through all those classes after a long day's work.

Overall, I was impressed. The teachers seemed to really care about the kids and obviously had put some thought into making the subjects more appealing and relevant to young people than I remember school being. Even the coaches seemed "nicer" than I remembered them being in school.

Wandering the halls got me to thinking about my own memories of high school. My high school was quite different in its layout. Instead of walking down halls, we generally walked outside, in the open air, between buildings. I don't know how the kids can stand being cooped up in one building most of the day.

I loved it when we'd have a good downpour. The walkways would turn to streams and there was no way you were getting to class dry. I'm not sure why I loved it so - other than it being a break in the routine.

As frustrating and boring as it sometimes was to be in school, I found myself missing it. Missing a time when my biggest responsibility was getting a paper turned in or taking a test. And deeply regretting the years in high school when I was obsessed with my long distance boyfriend instead of relaxing and enjoying the people right in front of me. I'm hoping my kid will be able to better than I did - to make good friends and cherish them and to just enjoy life as it comes.