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Wednesday, October 28

How to lose 1000+ pounds in 1 month

Be a packrat, have a lot of debt, and be lucky enough to own a house in a seller's market (and have your awesome sister-in-law as an agent). 

I didn't get around to posting my resolutions this year, but I have a perfectly good excuse...

I was busy selling my house, getting rid of 20 or so years worth of junk, moving, paying off all my credit card debt, losing 30 pounds of body weight, and attempting to cut some dead weight from my life. 

Putting it all in one sentence like that makes it seem a little hard to believe.

I really did it! Is it too late to declare those as my New Year's resolutions or goals?

I don't really know how much junk I hauled away, but it was at least 5 truck loads to charities, plus a 16' trailer with boards on either side for the "trash." Surely that's 1000+ pounds?
So far my year looks something like this...
late January - Put house on market
Early February - Close on House
Late February - Get everything moved/hauled away
March 1 - all moved into apartment and then take a month break to rest and catch up on sleep.
April - Start 21 day "Food Rehab" which includes exercising/walking daily
May - Continue diet changes and exercise with some minor changes
June - Vacation!!

It's all downhill from there. I mean, I don't know how I'd top that. I do want to lose another 20 to 30 pounds once I've kept from gaining for a while, but first I need to catch my breath!

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